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ShieldFS Hits ‘Rewind’ on Ransomware

BLACK HAT USA 2017 — Trend Micro’s Federico Maggi and Politecnico di Milano’s Andrea Continella visit the Dark Reading News Desk to discuss ShieldFS — a new tool that protects…


SyncCrypt Ransomware Hides Components in Image Files

Dubbed SyncCrypt, the ransomware is distributed through spam emails that feature attachments containing WSF files pretending to be court orders. Once the attachments are executed, embedded JScript fetches seemingly innocuous…


LG Hit by WannaCry-Like Ransomware

Security experts are scratching their heads after ransomware identical to WannaCry was found on LG self-service kiosks in South Korea this week. The kiosks, in LG service centers, seem to…


Infected by Ransomware – Now What?

With ransomware exploding, we’re frequently asked how to remediate after an attack. Ransomware is becoming more common and bad guys are becoming more sophisticated, using innovative ways to evade the…

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