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TunnelBear VPN Audit Finds Few Vulnerabilities

Germany-based security firm Cure53 has analyzed the entire TunnelBear infrastructure, including servers, clients, browser extensions and website. Two separate audits were conducted: Read full news article on SecurityWeek

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7 More Chrome Extensions Hacked via Phishing Scam

“We specifically examined the “Web Developer 0.4.9” extension compromise, but found evidence that “Chrometana 1.1.3”, “Infinity New Tab 3.12.3” [8][10], “CopyFish 2.8.5” [9], “Web Paint 1.2.1” [11], and “Social Fixer…

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DOJ wants to know who visited anti-Trump website

The US Department of Justice wants DreamHost to hand over IP addresses of some 1.3 million visitors to, a website that helped organize political protests during President Trump’s inauguration.…

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Uber to get privacy audit every two years

Uber has agreed to implement a comprehensive privacy program and obtain regular, independent audits to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they deceived consumers by failing to monitor employee access…

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