Privacy Protection – The Emerging Data Governance Mandate

In this special guest feature, Adam Lorant, VP of Customer Success for PHEMI Systems, takes a look at the ever-increasing number and variety of organizations that are facing the challenge of managing their data assets in a hyper-responsible manner to ensure not only data integrity and security, but, increasingly, data privacy. As VP of Customer … Read more

The Digital Art of Detecting Fraud

In this special guest feature, Christopher Hillman, Principal Data Scientist in the International Advanced Analytics team at Teradata, discusses the significant progress being made in the area of fraud detection through use of machine learning by providing new insights into existing problems. Chris has worked on a large number of Data Science projects across the … Read more

Why Businesses Can No Longer Ignore IoT Security

In this special guest feature, Srikant Menon, Practice Director of Internet of Things (IoT) at Happiest Minds Technologies, discusses how it is imperative for businesses to balance the massive benefits of IoT along with the security risks it poses. While millions of “things” are simple in nature, IoT security is an absolute must and should … Read more

Mitigate Security Threats with End User Education

If it seems like a new malicious attack on computer networks of vital businesses is announced every day, it’s not your imagination: According to reports, malware volume skyrocketed in 2016–more than 800 percent when compared to 2015–and that number coninues to rise. Read full news article on Talkin’ Cloud  

Making Security a Priority in Connected Cars

The threats to connected cars have been made clear, but the Herculean task now at hand is implementing top-level security practices under time-sensitive and high-pressure conditions. Car makers are in an arms race to develop these vehicles, hoping to gain a competitive edge and become the go-to name in the market. Read full news article … Read more