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How PayPal Protects Billions of Transactions

How does PayPal, one of the world’s largest internet payment companies with over 203 million active users, maintain a fraud loss rate of just .032 percent? Guru Bhat, PayPal’s general…

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How the CIA gained access to air-gapped computers

A new WikiLeaks release of documents believed to have been stolen from the CIA show the intelligence agency’s capability to infect air-gapped computers and networks via booby-trapped USB sticks. The…

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How the CIA infects air-gapped networks

06/22/2017 7:55 pm Categories: Law & Disorder, Risk Assessment, Technology Lab View non-AMP version at Enlarge / A configuration screen found in the Drifting Deadline exploit. Read full news…

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How to set up ssh key authentication

If you’re a Linux administrator, you most certainly are using secure shell to gain access to your remote servers. Why? Read full news article on TechRepublic

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