Google Chrome Will Mark FTP Resources As “Not Secure”

It seems like Google is making some serious changes in its products especially Chrome browser to provide users a smooth experience and better security. Last week, the tech and search engine giant announced that  Chrome 63 browser update will come up with a security feature that will alert users of ‘man in the middle’ attacks (MitM) while Chrome … Read more

Google Chrome will warn users of ‘man in the middle’ attack

It looks like Google is finally taking serious measure to secure its most used product the Chrome web browser. The tech giant has announced that upcoming Chrome 63 browser will be equipped with a new security feature aiming to alert users of ‘man in the middle’ attacks (MitM) in which an attacker intercepts communication between two systems. Read … Read more

Gaming Google News

Gaming Google News Turns out that it’s surprisingly easy to game: It appears that news sites deemed legitimate by Google News are being modified by third parties. Read full news article on Schneier on Security