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Hack the Bootsector and Write Your Own!

This article is a tutorial on writing your own bootsector. It is a good exercise in understanding how the bootsector works and trying your hand at writing something that boots.…

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Kernel Team Summary: June 22, 2017

This newsletter is to provide a status update from the Ubuntu Kernel Team. There will also be highlights provided for any interesting subjects the team may be working on. Read…

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Stack Clash vulnerabilities hit Linux

Days after WannaCry ransomware, cyber security researchers have identified several vulnerabilities in Linux system that can compromise root processes in Linux. Called Stack Clash, the new flaws are among the…


Ubuntu Security Notice USN-3335-1

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-3335-1 Posted Jun 20, 2017 Authored by Ubuntu | Site Ubuntu Security Notice 3335-1 – It was discovered that the stack guard page for processes in…


Ubuntu Security Notice USN-3326-1

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-3326-1 Posted Jun 20, 2017 Authored by Ubuntu | Site Ubuntu Security Notice 3326-1 – It was discovered that a use-after-free flaw existed in the filesystem…

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Never Trust Yellow Fruit

You’ve probably heard about the WiFi Pineapple from Hak5. It’s a fascinating device that allows you to do some creepy pen testing. Read full news article on Linux Journal

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