What the NSA Collects via 702

What the NSA Collects via 702 New York Times reporter Charlie Savage writes about some bad statistics we’re all using: Among surveillance legal policy specialists, it is common to cite a set of statistics from an October 2011 opinion by Judge John Bates, then of the FISA Court, about the volume of internet communications the … Read more

The DEA Helps Train Local Cops to ‘Exploit’ Social Media

Whether sharing intelligence or passing on surveillance equipment, there is often a close relationship between federal and local law enforcement. A set of documents obtained by Motherboard through the Freedom of Information Act also show how the DEA funds training sessions for other law enforcement bodies, including local police, in order to “exploit” Read full … Read more

NSA Insider Security Post-Snowden

NSA Insider Security Post-Snowden According to a recently declassified report obtained under FOIA, the NSA’s attempts to protect itself against insider attacks aren’t going very well: The N.S.A. Read full news article on Schneier on Security  

The Dangers of Secret Law

The Dangers of Secret Law Last week, the Department of Justice released 18 new FISC opinions related to Section 702 as part of an EFF FOIA lawsuit. (Of course, they don’t mention EFF or the lawsuit. Read full news article on Schneier on Security  

The NSA Has Done Little to Prevent the Next Edward Snowden

When Edward Snowden walked out of the NSA in 2013 with thumb drives full of its most secret files, the agency didn’t have a reliable list people—like Snowden—who had privileged access to its networks. Nor did it have a reliable list of those who were authorized to use removable media to transfer data to or … Read more