FedEx: NotPetya Cost Us $300 Million

FedEx has joined the long list of big-name brands that have lost hundreds of millions of dollars after their systems were infected with NotPetya ransomware back in June. The shipping giant claimed in an earnings call that it would be down approximately $300m following the outbreak, which began in Ukraine and is thought to have … Read more

FedEx Profit Takes $300 Million Hit After Malware Attack

“The worldwide operations of TNT Express were significantly affected during the first quarter by the June 27 NotPetya cyberattack. Most TNT Express services resumed during the quarter and substantially all TNT Express critical operational systems have been restored. Read full news article on SecurityWeek  

NotPetya cyber attack on TNT Express cost FedEx $300m

Falling victim to the Petya cyber attack cost FedEx around $300m during the last quarter of the financial year, the company has revealed in its latest earnings report. Operations of FedEx’s TNT Express unit in Europe were disrupted by the attack and the company previously warned that the financial cost of the incident was likely … Read more