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Security on the move: protecting your mobile workforce

Organizations with mobile workforces face serious challenges when it comes to their overall cybersecurity posture. As more users leverage laptops, tablets, smartphones and other portable devices, security risks begin to…

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Could the security industry have it all wrong?

For decades, enterprises have focused on securing valuable data and IP by building “walls and moats” to keep out bad actors. Yet despite growing investments in defensive technologies, cyber breaches…

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I Am Henry the Eighth I Am (Not)

Many of us can be forgiven if the recent HBO hack has us recalling the Sony Pictures incident, dismissing it as nothing more than ‘second verse, same as the first.’ …

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SDN and a life beyond the death of the internet

For enterprises concerned about secure and consistent network performance, the public internet cannot be the default solution anymore. Enterprises need to look beyond the public internet to their own private…

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Automating cloud compliance

Fast facts According to Forbes’ Roundup of Cloud Computing Forecasts 2017, released on April 29, 2017: Cloud computing is projected to increase from $67B in 2015 to $162B in 2020…

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