Understanding the “WannaCry” Ransomware Attack

One of the worst global malware attacks to date has infected nearly 200,000 computer systems in almost 150 countries. The malware attack, referred to as “WannaCrypt” or “WannaCry”, encrypts or freezes all files on computers and requests $300 in Bitcoin currency in exchange for returned access to the files (bgr.com). Read full news article on … Read more

Russian ‘Cron’ Cyber Gang Arrested for Raiding Bank Accounts

A group of 16 Russian hackers who managed to seize more than $800,000 from Russian bank customers using malware loaded onto Android devices have been arrested, according to cybersecurity firm Group-IB. The gang, which called itself Cron like the name of malware used to infect users’ devices, duped customers into downloading malware via bogus banking … Read more

Ransomware: WannaCry was basic, next time could be much worse

As organisations across the globe attempt to get back to normal in the messy aftermatch of a huge ransomware attack, cybersecurity professionals say it should act as a warning, showing the impact even basic malware can have. Thanks to its worm like features, the WannaCry ransomware was able to quickly spread itself across an infected … Read more