Locky Ransomware Campaign Ramps Up

On August 9, however, new spam campaigns dropping Locky caught the attention of security researchers. The first to observe the new ransomware variant was Racco42, who revealed that the spam…

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Addressing Identity Risk Factors

By Tim Norris Mobile and Cloud have raised the stakes for security in general and for identity-related security challenges in particular. But while identity-related risk has grown tremendously, in many…

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Booking a Taxi for Faketoken

The Trojan-Banker.AndroidOS.Faketoken malware has been known about for already more than a year. Throughout the time of its existence, it has worked its way up from a primitive Trojan intercepting…


TunnelBear VPN Audit Finds Few Vulnerabilities

Germany-based security firm Cure53 has analyzed the entire TunnelBear infrastructure, including servers, clients, browser extensions and website. Two separate audits were conducted: Read full news article on SecurityWeek

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