#DPI19: Privacy Playbooks Can Help Navigate Data Protection Act Rules

Speaking at the IAPP Data Protection Intensive 2019 in London, panel moderator Kabir Barday, CEO of OneTrust, asked “How the UK’s Data Protection Act 2018 Impacts Your GDPR Programme.” Julie Varcoe-Cocks, head of ethics, regulatory and compliance and data protection officer of Serco, said that the new Data Protection Act (DPA) has “more focus on the rights of the individual” as well details on control of data, and the Information Commissioner’s Office has instructed that businesses should be ready for audits. She went on to talk about gathering data and understanding exemptions, and said that “having consistency is a challenge,” so one way to achieve this is to have a playbook in order to refine your processes and to demonstrate the way a company operates and what exemptions it applies.

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