How Hackers Hack

You hear about this all the time: a big bank was hacked. Tumblr was hacked. The infidelity website Ashley Madison was hacked, and now, everybody knows who was cheating on each other. But there’s a lot more to it, and it’s a lot less flashy than what you see in the movies. Hacking isn’t about typing in a few magic words with one hand on one keyboard and the other hand on another keyboard. Or, two people using the same keyboard at once. Hacking is difficult, and it usually takes careful planning and a fair amount of time. Stopping malicious hackers can be even more challenging. But, some people dedicate a lot of time and energy in doing just that. Hacking is when an unauthorized person gets into a computer system. A hacker breaks in, and then they have access to information they are not supposed to have.

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