I have to admit: I have not been very focused on IoT.
When I hear IoT, I often think about connected homes, cars and security cams.
It’s so much more – and its growth projections are worth noting.

Some recent IoT facts that caught my attention:

  • Global IoT market share is projected to grow from 249 billion in 2018 dollars to 457 billion dollars in 2020
  • $ 6 trillion will be invested in IoT solutions over the next five years
  • In 2020, 90% of vehicles will be internet connected
  • In 2020, 173.47 million wearable devices will be in use
  • In 2020, smart cities will have a 26% share of IoT
  • In 2020, industrial IoT will have a 24% share of IoT
  • In 2020, connected health will have a 20% share of IoT
  • In 2020, smart homes will have a 14% share of IoT

Source: SC magazine, Oct 2018

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