What is Steganography?

Steganography is an art of hiding messages covert way so that exclusive the sender and recipient know the original message.

This technique permits sender and receiver to communicate secretly and thirdparty won’t mindful of the correspondence happen.

It replaces bits of unused information into the standard files—graphic,sound,text,video—with some different bits that have been gotten surreptitiously.

What is Steganalysis?

Steganalysis is the process of recovering hidden data, It decides the encoded hidden message, and if conceivable, it recovers that message.

The message can be identified by taking a gander at changes between bit designs and unusually large file sizes.This is consider to be an attack on the covered information.

Network steganography detection methods were somewhat developed independently from IDS/IPS systems Most steganalysis methods focus on trying to detect the presence of hidden communication and then on limiting its transmission capabilities, because elimination of all network steganography opportunities is practically impossible.

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